Monday, January 12, 2009

Chili anyone???

What a great weekend. Very relaxing and restful.

My cousin came over yesterday and spent the afternoon with us, so much fun!! We hadn't spent much time with her lately so it was so great to catch up.

It is funny really, I was 12 when she was born, so yep you guessed it..... my first babysitting gig....and I'm not sure if any of you are aware but babysitting wasn't really my idea of a good time. I did it because, well that was the only way to get a little extra cash when you are 12 and let me tell you, already at that ripe old age of 12 I needed a lot of items from our local cosmetic counter....I had already started the make-up, hair thing by then... so I needed the funds to support the habit!

I am fairly positive that I drove my Aunt totally crazy that first year of her being a mother, and me being a sitter....I would call her no less that 5 times each day,asking things like why is she crying, when should I feed her etc etc. I just didn't know what to do with this thing???....It just didn't come natural to me.

Well we finally got over the baby stage, after that she would often spend time at my parents house when her parents would go away...I will never forget her sitting in the bathroom watching me put ALL my makeup on, this little 4 or 5 year old watching my every move...later as she got older, high school years she would stay at my house for a few days at a time...boyfriends would come and go, curfews would be discussed and on one particular stay she was doing a parenting class...yep that's right the crying doll did a stint at my house....ahh I guess all of this was preparing me for something!!! She made a comment yesterday that she had more rules when she would stay at my house than she had anywhere else....hmmm interesting...:)

It is hard to believe that all these years have passed and we have now reached a time in our lives that we can be just friends...its great!

So the three of us chatted, played a few games, did a lot of facebook creeping and dined on Terry's famous chili and some red wine.....great way to spend a Sunday!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

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Anonymous said...

loveddddd the day!!!