Monday, January 5, 2009

The Great Debate.....

Tomorrow I have my first appt. to get my disgusting varicose veins treated. I am kind of nervous about it, but all the literature I read assures me that it is not painful. You can drive yourself home after and work the next day, actually as soon as you get home you have to walk for a half hour. For two weeks after that you must walk/jog/cross train for at least an hour a day! So great for me seeing that that is normal, and if I had to miss it..oh I would be irritated..especially after indulging in chocolate and junk over the holidays. I don't want to missing any workouts right now!!! :)

So after many years of boycotting I had decided that I would finally go and get some pants at LULU...for years I have been saying I just couldn't justify paying so much for comfy girlfriends would laugh saying "oh come on Michelle you spend $$ on tons of crazy stupid stuff, stop being so righteous and buy the damn pants you will love them" another would say "oh they fit sooooo good you will never turn back after you try them" or the ever so popular " they stay so nice...I have had mine for years and they don't go bally in the wash they look like they are brand new still"!!! :)
I had finally given in, succumbed to the peer I facebooked my cousin who I thought would be so excited that finally her old cousin was going to get with the picture, join the rest of the world and get a pair of LULU's.....well much to my surprise there was no excitement in her voice..there was actually panic...she actually called me(which doesn't happen that often, our relationship relies strictly on our computers and quite frankly we both like it that way) so you can imagine my shock when I saw her number on my call display!
DON'T do it Michelle....La Senza Spirit is the new LULU....WHAT...I don't even know what this place is...she said okay you know how my LULU's have gotten a bit bally after washing them so much(WHAT I thought that was the whole point of these damn pants) well these ones don't, they are cheaper, and the funniest of all was and "Michelle they are much better for our thick legs"!!!!!
That a girl, you know what to say.....whatever is going to be better for my bottom half I am all I will make the trek out to White Oaks...aghhh I hate going out there but I will do it, for those damn comfy pants!!! lol

So all I can keep thinking about right now I can't even keep up to the world of comfy pants anymore.........does this mean it is true...first finding the varicose veins, then the grandma shoes and now the lack of knowledge in comfy trends...yep I'm getting old!!!!

have a great Monday

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Anonymous said...

im glad u listened michelle... now look at u! ur ahead of the trend....