Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mr Rogers...

Could it be, that for once in my life.... my patience has been worth it??? Now I know that this story is going to sound very VERY trivial in the grand scheme of my life and everyone else's for that forgive me, but honestly I am trying to get joy and excitement in the little things right now people, cut me some slack here!! :)

So here is the story....for about 8 or 9 months now I have been looking into getting a blackberry...or some device that I can download my work schedule on to, so I will have it with me at all times....this would come in very handy! For example when I am booking my next Dr's appt, bank or accountant meetings or lunch with my Mom, whatever...My days are not all created equal...that is what being self employed is all about. You work until fit people in, that is what I do. So on any given day I may indeed be working....and there is no rhyme or reason to when they begin or end....I may start at 8 or one day it may just be 9:45 you just never know...or it may be until 7pm or maybe 8:45 it is all it can pose a few little issues when I am trying to plan the rest of my life....hmm that is a whole other story, is there life other than work...I will save that for another blog....:)

So to make a VERY long and frustrating story short.........I(we) have been fighting with Rogers for months about my damn cellular device...turns out I had too much time left in my contract and because I was an existing customer of theirs a blackberry was going to be about 600 dollars...just to do a simple keep in mind if I was a BRAND NEW customer I could have a blackberry for 49 dollars........... did you get that scenario....existing versus new...what the heck???? I(Terry) has spent hours on the phone with these people, this just doesn't make sense........we are going to cancel everything we have with your company...etc etc...

For some reason I had a major stubborn on about this.....most times in my life I would just pay the damn 300 dollar penalty and get out of my contract with them and just go somewhere else and get what I least then I would only have to give them about 300 dollars....but to me this was a crock!!....Why should a loyal customer not be treated better than a new customer walking in the door? At least the same, everyone should be treated the same shouldn't they??? ahhh this has been very disturbing to me, honestly...I have talked about this at length many times, with many different people....and I would get so is just making me crazy thinking about it (not to mention how tired Terry is after listening to me scream about it for months)!!

So I walk in the house tonight and there is this letter sitting on the table...hmm what is this...hmm something from Rogers, and this something looks very professional...not just another coupon book here... Well it was a letter from, umm lets call him MR ROGER'S...haha telling me(Terry) that we are really good customers, that they don't want to lose our business, so if we are still interested in a new cellular device, to go to the nearest Rogers store. He had picked out blackberry devices that he thought would suit our needs, two models that we could have for 0$ or we could have the brand new Blackberry Bold for only 99$.........
ahhhh I am so excited....this is great...because honestly I was going to play this one out(really I was), I was going to wait until August when my contract was up and I was going to walk into that darn Rogers store and throw my damn cell phone at them....hmmppph....and mosey on down to the nearest Bell Mobility and give them my business....oh those poor people at Bell they just won't know what they are missing!!!! haha

So I really can't believe that my patience has finally for once paid off.........:) Call me, text me, email me...I all yours people.. now you can get me anytime ....hmm is that good or bad!

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