Sunday, January 18, 2009

let's all be daymakers.....

I am sure you are wondering what this "daymaker" thing is all about. A few years ago I was lucky enough to attend an Aveda conference and heard a hairstylist speak by the name of David Wagner. He was a dynamic speaker and also a very talented, respected stylist..I was so excited to be able to hear him and feed off his knowledge.

Much to my surprise he was there to give us a motivational "talk". Well I was less than impressed..... until he started to speak. He changed most of my thoughts that day, he made me realize that I personally have many chances everyday to change peoples make their day better...not just make them look better, but to actually make them feel better. Possibly change the course of their life, just by listening and supporting them.

Since then I have tried to live all my days as a daymaker! I always try to remember....its all the little things we do that can make someone's day!!!

A few Christmas's ago I gave each of my staff members a copy of David's book, and I continue to keep a copy of the book in the salon, so people can read it when they are waiting. It amazes me how we all forget how important a smile or even just listening to each other can help everyone so much.
There is a particular story in David's book, that touched me so deeply. I think of it often. This story is about David and one of his regular clients. This women like many of us had a regular appointment every 6 weeks for a cut and colour. For some reason though, she called one day out of the blue for a simple shampoo & blow dry....of course David fit her in. He wondered why, but just thought well she must have a special function to go to today.

The women came to the salon and they had a great time. David gave her a wonderful scalp massage and they talked and laughed. She left looking great and David didn't think another thing of it....until he received a letter in the mail about 3 days later.
The letter was something that stopped him in his tracks and changed the way he and so many people that have heard this story conduct there lives....the letter started with a simple Thank-You, she needed to thank him. She had come in that day, so her hair would look perfect when she was found. She had planned on committing suicide that afternoon. She just couldn't take it anymore, too many terrible things were happening in her life and she just couldn't cope any longer. But he had made her feel so good about her self that afternoon in a simple 30min. visit that instead of going home and doing what she had planned she decided to go directly to the hospital for some help.....he had saved her and she was thanking him.....

That was the moment that changed his life....from that moment on he realized that in his career and his life he had the ability to change lives...and he wanted to spread the word to people in our industry, that they too could do the same. If we could think of ourselves as "daymakers" instead of just hairdressers, the world would start changing....

I think of his words everyday and remember that you never know what people are going through...even though things may seem tough they can always be more challenging for others...and if I can help one person, just by listening and and making them feel better about themselves...everything I do everyday would be worth it.
This is a letter that David Wagner wrote for us at the particular conference, I keep it with me always......enjoy...

Hello.... Let me introduce myself. My name is David Wagner and I am a Daymaker. It is what I am, what I do, and it has been a blessing for the nearly 20 years that I have adopted this mindset and way of being. It has allowed me much success in my life. Ah' what is success? I started being a Daymaker hairstylist and as a result was able to change my clients' lives so much that it gave me confidence in choosing to be a Daymaker in the other roles I play. I became a Daymaker boss and my business flourished. I got married and became a Daymaker husband. I had two daughters and became a Daymaker dad. Every facet of my life has benefited by my choosing to be a Daymaker.As a Daymaker, all of a sudden everything you do, whether it's letting someone merge into traffic or simply offering the waitress a friendly smile of appreciation for serving you, creates what I call "perfect moments." After all, days are made of moments and it's how we choose to be in those moments that shape our day and, in fact, our lives.I often say that I used to have two theories on raising children. Now I have two children and I don't have theories anymore.
What you won't find in my book are theories on how to change your life or how you can impact the world around you. What you will find are stories from my life and my experiences that have shaped mine and helped me to see and realize that yes, as one person I can change the world. I've changed mine and it's beautiful.
Please join me in changing the world in a beautiful way. When my world meets your world we have created a ripple of hope, love, and abundance of life together. What if you could change the world by making someone's day? Thousands of people have already experienced the wisdom of "Daymaking." It's a movement we can all engage in. There's nothing to join, just an attitude to adopt. The ripple effect it creates has the power to change the world. The effects of Daymaking can be profound, offering you a way to significantly impact your community. It creates a tipping point in which the pendulum is biased in the direction of kindness,care, love and joy. Just notice the people you encounter each day and provide a small gesture to make their day. Give them the quality of attention that makes them feel important, smart, beautiful, or unique. It's nearly impossible to focus on your own problems when you're living life as a Daymaker.
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