Thursday, February 26, 2009

bathroom horror........

There is something oddly wrong with this with a grey cape wrapped around me with a color brush in hand.......standing in front of my bathroom mirror, coloring my OWN hair!?!?!?!?

Does anyone agree here.......what the heck is going on...I own a large Aveda Salon, I employ 7 people...why am I a coloring my OWN's like the plumber's toilet that never gets fixed and the electrician that never hangs the new light in his I guess it would just go to reason the hairstylists hair is the last to get colored!

Well I was just finally sick of it last night........I was now seeing about 55 whites hairs popping up underneath my strategically placed part........I was tired of waiting for a cancellation to come up at the perfect time so I could get my hair colored by a "professional"........ahhhh what does a girl have to do around here to get her hair done???? :)

So I gathered up my tools last night before I left work and was ready to take it my first thought was, hey my color has to process for 30 mins...if I put the color on before I leave work drive home....if everything worked well that would be perfect timing...I would sprint to the shower and rinse it off.....I discussed this with a few clients over the course of the day. and it was received as well as I had hoped..."Michelle what if you got into an accident or you had to stop and help someone"...etc etc........oh come on people.....but as the end of my day approached I thought maybe it was a bit excessive, I do like to use every minute of my days to the max but that was maybe a bit would have been the scenario.....driving(so ideally concentrating on the road ahead)??...listening to my Jack Canfield audio CD....drinking my last bottle of water for the day....and having color on my hair...all in the comfort of my lovely Ford that would have been alot of shit happening at one time!!! :)

After dinner I decided we go, up to the all my supplies out everything....color, bowls, brushes, cape, gloves.......and towels........LOTS of I am going to interrupt this story by telling you we have a WHITE, very WHITE bathroom...and I have BROWN, very BROWN hair.......... and just for a little added drama, we just had our bathroom painted not to long ago everything...including the vanity everything. This was going to be the first coloring that had been done since the reno.....I won't lie I was scared.......I am not known for taking my time at anything, I usually race through stuff especially when it is something to do with myself...but I was determined I would NOT get color anywhere!!!

I started with about 4 full length bath sheets...draping them everywhere........from the top of the mirror to the sink, across the floors and completely covering the counter top...........I really didn't think there was an inch of space left uncovered.......I carefully mixed up my concoction....mixed very very slowly.....put my gloves on and started to apply....slowly at first and then of course I became sick of that speed rather quickly, so I picked up the pace a bit.....ahhhh finally done...I have to say you ladies that do this all time are crazy......first off the unknown for all of you as to how the color is going to turn out...because lets face it...unless you know the chemistry behind hair color you don't really know what you are may luck out and get that perfect shade..but believe me after a few aren't going to like it...........but the mess...why why would you ever want to do it yourself is beyond me???? When you can come to a beautiful establishment such as mine and have a relaxing couple hours...with massages, coffee, water, the greatest magazines and to top it off leave with a fabulous new do??? I won't ever understand why, never ever!! ***sorry had to give myself a little advertising here*** hehe

Anyways back to my I thought I had done a bang up splashes as far as I could trouble at we just have to process and clean up.......I carefully cleaned my bowls and brushes and took the mountain of towels down....and waited...
After my 30 mins was up I jumped in the shower rinsed.........and then it happened as I was getting out of the shower I noticed something....a few tiny brown specs on the bottom of the mirror.....OH ****.........what, how could this have happened??? Are you kidding me.....after all that....aghhhhh well great what to do now??? I knew better but I went up with my towel, water still dripping from my body...shivering and tried to scrub it off.......haha that just made the smudges a little bigger a little bolder so anyone that is paying attention will notice them.......lovely..... if any of you have some ideas or magic solutions to get this off that would be greatly appreciated.....preferably before my husband hurry.....hehe

oh and I promise (this is just if my husband does read this before I get things cleaned up).....I will never ever do it in there again???? :)


Jamie D said...

haha... if it makes you feel any better when Britty did my hair last week we may or may not have got a few specs on the kitchen counter!

Dionne said...

Oh no! Your poor white bathroom! But you can't be as bad as me - when I used to color my own hair, I got it EVERYWHERE, even outside of the bathroom (not sure how that happened).

Megs said...

I just want you know...I LOVE Aveda salons!! Now, granted I have only been one time, but it was fabulous! It was two days before my wedding and I was getting a pedicure. Can I just say...HEAVEN!! The girl who took care of me was awesome!! Now, if I could afford to do that more often, I definitely would :)

I am waaaaaay overdue for a good haircut too by the way...however, with my curly hair, you definitely do not notice it as much!

No suggestions on the dye on the mirror. Sorry :(

Cara said...

I still have some red dye on our crappy linoleum bathroom floor from three years ago when I UNSUCESSFULLY tried to dye my hair red. THREE TIMES!

- A turning thirty thing.

I was told that I have "virgin" black hair and it just wasn't possible.

Meg said...

This actually makes me want to get my hair done even though it hasn't even been a month.

I don't think thats much of a mess. When I use to color my own hair I would get it everywhere

Maki said...

aww... it happened to me last month, the color stained the bath mat... My hubs noticed it right away and he was like, "what did you do????" lol...

But really, why are you doing your own hair, my dear??? Let one of your girls do your hair... or was it something spontaneous you couldn't wait for your store to open???

I hope it comes off, but I'm not sure if it will????

I'm so glad to be back and read your blog:)

Erica said...

Have you tried alcohol wipes or finger nail polish remover? Or once they dry, could you scrape them off? Oh, and don't salons have something to remove color, like when you accidentally drip some down a hairline or something? Maybe some of that?? That's all I've got. :)

Thanks for the comment on my blog, by the way. I'm just getting caught up on yours but wanted to make my suggestions before hubby notices the mysterious smudges. LOL

Seriously? - Erin said...

Here from ICLW. Your analogies are right on. My husband is a police officer and volunteer fire fighter. For two years we had a broken fire alarm and security system. It only got fixed when our house was broken into!