Thursday, February 12, 2009


ughh.......I am getting into a slump already with this picture a day thing....awful I know I am only at day 16.....I am really looking forward to the photography course...for some
I think I need some real live people in my next shots.....:)

oh well here it is for today.....better luck tomorrow I guess!


Ms Cupcake said...

Great photo! What slump? Post what fuels your passion!

Dropping by from sits.

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Tanya said...

Hello! Wish I had some tips, but I know nothing! I just wait for the best lighting possible and go from there.

Thanks so much for stopping by Sunday Baker! Have a wonderful weekend!

tanya said...

i love this picture! great colors :-)

tanya said...

p.s wow, someone with the same name (spelled the same)--how cool!

Mc Allen said...

that is a great pic, I seriouisly want and orange now!!! ;) ♥ LA