Friday, February 20, 2009

something funny is going on here???????

The weirdest thing happened at our house this morning.....or I guess, I really don't know when this actually happened......but someone or something has obviously tampered with our scale.......yes you know the one, that dreaded piece of machinery collecting dust in the corner, that thing you keep in the bathroom.......the one you never really want to get on to, but you do..... reluctantly.......closing your eyes, crossing your fingers sucking in your breath.....(like any of those things are really going to make the dreaded number any different)... you know that thing I am talking about....the bathroom scale!

Well I don't know who, what or when but obviously there has been some mistake.....because when I jumped on the scale this usually friendly Mr Digital told me I was 5 pounds heavier than I thought I should be?????????? WHAT.....are you kidding me......and that was after I had gone to the washroom, worked out for 45 mins....(sweat it out), no clothes, no water no jewelery..........I was feeling fairly svelte.........I can't imagine that this is right........I even jumped on and off a few times......come on you have done it.........if I just strategically place my toes a certain way I will weigh in a pound lighter.........nope it didn't matter this was the same damn depressing number each time I hopped on.......whether my big toe was on the scale or not..........ahhhggggg

So I guess it is time to hunker more more more sneaking licorice into the house..........time to get back to basics.......oh man I feel like I have done this before.........:)

here's to healthy eating and exercise....and losing those dreaded 5 pounds!!!!
m :)
hmmm......I forgot to mention that our washer and dryer have been acting up jeans seem a bit smaller, a bit snug..........hmmm you just can't buy good appliances anymore!!!!!hahaha


Dionne said...

Exercise - ugh! I hate it.
My husband loves working out and all that stuff, but to me, it's like going to the dentist. I know it's good for me, but I still dread it.

5 pounds isn't so bad. Sometimes it's just from retaining water. I know that some days I can add or lose 3 or 4 pounds overnight.

Guera! said...

I know all those tricks of the scale too! I say, if you feel good, then don't rely so much on the number on the scale.
Here for ICLW.

Heather said...

I hate it when the washer and dryer shrink all my clothes. Oddly, they don't seem to shrink my husband's at the same time. ;)

Sarah said...

It's sort of like when my pants shrink in the closet - happens all the time.....

AndreaLeigh said...

its a conspiracy... between your dryer and scale! i commend you for exercising and paying more attention to your diet. i need to join your club!

Beautiful Mess said...

Maybe your scale is gaining weight and didn't want you to get all excited because you have lost weight, so it's just telling you, you gained back 5 pounds? I HATE scales! They are not allowed in my house, nor do I walk by them in the Good for you for exercising. I've only been doing it for a few weeks off and on and I still don't love it. I wonder if I ever will.

Living on the Spit said...

I must have bought the same scale!!!

Came over from SITS to say hello. What a funny post.

I am back on the healthy eating band wagon tomorrow as well. It was my birthday weekend, so you know how that goes.

I have lost 65 pounds this past year, so your 5 pounds shoould be a breeze to drop. You will do it!

Margaret said...

I hate when the washer and dryer try to mess with my clothes, and the scale gets in on the act too.

Good luck with those 5 pounds.

I am Harriet said...

Stopping by from SITS to say "HELLO"

CappyPrincess said...

LOL - yup. I knew it had to be the appliance fault. I just couldn't ever put my finger on what was wrong. I hope your appliances are fixed soon :wink:


Brooke said...

i was feeling smaller this morning...tried on those pants that are a little too snug...and they're still too snug. oh well back on the shelf for another few months.

The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

LOL! Too funny!

My scale works in tandem with my bedroom mirror. Bastids!