Monday, February 2, 2009


I made a visit to my favorite store
I'm sure they thought I was crazy when I pulled out my camera...but I thought it might be a cool shot??
In the end things turn out for the best!
If you have been following my blog since the beginning you will remember that I had an unfortunate situation arise a few months ago. A post I had written was found by someone that I truly didn't ever think would care to read, or at the time obviously would have preferred her not to read. But she did and then confronted me about a few things that I had said. Now I am not going to get into any details about the situation again....I felt very badly that she had searched out and found my blog.....but really could not apologize, because I had written what was in my heart!
It really was an uncomfortable situation for me. I am not a confrontational person, I really feel much better just sliding things under the rug and forgetting about them. I really struggled with this because I felt so badly that I had hurt someones feelings, but couldn't take anything back. So we had to go from there!
I am so glad that the two of us took the high road, and instead of holding grudges and being angry with each other we decided to try to communicate with each other better, forget about the things that had been said and done....and really just get to know one another. Something that in our few year relationship we hadn't been able to do for some reason. Clearly the reason all the confusion happened in the first place!
It is amazing how misconceptions and misunderstandings can turn into such HUGE things in people's(especially women's) lives....imaginations take over and then you are thinking things in your head that are absolutely not true. You have yourself convinced that crazy, mean, terrible things are going on!
Now that her and I have allowed ourselves to get to know each other better we realize, that is exactly what had happened over the years.
I am grateful that I have been given a second chance to get to know this person.....I truly enjoy her company and consider her a good friend and confident. We had coffee today and the time we spent together really confirmed it for me again.
Another life lesson I guess.......something I think women have such a hard time with...actually getting to know one another. Instead we too often take that first impression(which lets be honest here is really never good), or we listen to the opinions of others! I hope that because of this experience I have had, the chance to have another great girlfriend..... I will remember this lesson from now on!


Maki said...

Oh my goodness.. I totally went through the same thing a few months ago and I hurt very close people, not knowingly they're reading my blog. So I know what you had gone through!!!!!

That's why I created another blog for my own purpose called venting. LOL.

I'm glad that you and your friend are re-connected. I, too have reconciled and like you said, lesson learned!

Great post and I enjoyed it very much. Oh btw, I love the song, who is it? And the photos are nice, too. Sorry, longest comment!

Lalapoo said...

Well said Sister! in this day it is hard to get to know people..I would think that it's because we don't have the time but we know better than that. I am happy that everything worked out well between you and your friend.