Sunday, February 22, 2009

{picture a day project}

Some of you have been asking me where my picture a day stuff has gone....well to be honest I have taken the pics but haven't posted them this week........I have decided to start another blog that will have all the pics on them.....I finally got around to getting it set up this for any of you who are interested in looking, the address is.....

I will be posting this weeks pics later on today and you will find them from now on at this address!!

happy sunday!
m :)


Small House said...

So sorry about your sad heart. I sure hope that everything works out for you and your husband. HOPE is a great word!!

Second of all, I have 20 pounds to loose. UGH!!! I'll trade you! Good luck on the 5 pounds. I have made a goal to begin exercising tomorrow. I just get so bored.

LASTLY...Your fingernail post really got me to thinking. Why don't I polish my nails anymore? SO....A trip to Walmart this weekend (YUCK) and I am the owner of new nail polish. I'm giving it a try. HAHHAHAHAHA.
Have a great day.

Michelle said...

Hey someone has been tampering with my scale too! Maybe that is going around. :) LOL

Jo said...

Sounds neat - I will have to check it out!

Kristin said...

Great idea to have all your pics on one specialized blog.

I think I will try to do the picture a day thing next year.