Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So tomorrow is my Mom's birthday...my parents will be flying back from St Maarten tomorrow so I don't know if I will be able to catch her in person on her special day!! Poor people flying home on the busiest day in the sky in the US!! I wonder how my Dad's patience level is going to be by the time they reach Canadian soil!!!

Anyways I wanted to dedicate this post to my MOM.....who is the absolute best Mom anyone could ask for. I might be biased, but truly people my Mom is the greatest....I'm sorry about your luck, but this lady is it!! :)

Well were do I start...my Mom is the most supportive, caring, patient, understanding person I know. If I ever need anything whether it is someone to listen to my trials and tribulations of everyday life or I, all of a sudden don't have a receptionist for a day..she is always there, no questions asked...she comes to my rescue.... always!

As I get older I realize how important my relationship with my Mom is, besides being my Mother she is my closest female friend. I can talk to her about anything...and I always know she will give me an honest answer,be super supportive and just listen, if that is what I need at the time.
It is interesting in my line of work to hear other women talk about there Mother....gosh I just can't believe some stories I hear. I feel so sad for people that don't have a close relationship with there Mom's. I think they are missing one of the best things in life!

I always love when people come into my salon and have run into my Mom at some point in there lives, whether it was a wedding or a funeral that they have heard her speak at, or a connection through my Dad's business....everyone loves my MOM...I hear it all the time how kind and caring she is. I feel so lucky when I get to say "yep that's my MOM, she is the best isn't she"!!!

So I know that there are times that I probably just drive my Mom crazy...when I am impatient during our early morning phone calls, when I try to solve problems instead of just listening to what is going on in her life...because that is all she really wants, when I religiously lost 1 of her earrings when I would borrow them,(or did I just take them from you jewelery box)?? lol
Oh there are so many more things I can think of here.....:)
For all of this I am sorry....they tell me this is what being a Mom is all about....you crazy women, you still love us with all your heart anyways...all that little stuff just doesn't matter... you would do anything for you kids...and MOM you have always done just that! For that I say THANK-YOU!!!

I hope you have a super BIRTHDAY....you are the BEST!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Michelle.I am such a blessed woman to have you as my daughter.I couldn't have received a better birthday wish. Love you ...talk to you tomorrow. Mom.