Monday, November 3, 2008

workin on a MONDAY!!

Well here I am at work on a Monday, usually my day off. My day of space( as Terry calls it), I seem to be a person that needs that...some time to collect myself and just be by myself. I think it must be because I'm surrounded by people all the time in my job...I just need that little bit of quiet time.

So today I am here working because tomorrow we leave for VEGAS!!! So I know I shouldn't be complaining at all!!! I have a pretty easy going day at work too, some of my favs are coming in it really should be a good one!

Yesterday we just got ready for our trip and relaxed...I even had time to make a few cards!!! It is Terry's birthday on Wed. so I had to make him one and I guess I just got into the groove and made a few more..

I will post a few of them and once I get home I will add a few more....the main reason for this blog is so my online scrappin friends can see my work...I think I am the last of many to finally start a blog to showcase some of my stuff!! This is just a hobby for is my time to relax on my own and create something...and yep you guessed it cardstock doesn't talk back I can do whatever I want to it...unlike a few of my clients!!! lol
Okay so clearly I am just getting the hang of this looks like my cards are at the top of the post...???? :) Not sure why but there they are, thanks for looking!
Have a fabulous Monday everyone!

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