Saturday, November 29, 2008

AWAKE again at 2AM??????

So it is 2:30am and I am awake I really wish I could sleep through the night. It seems once I get up usually to use the damn brain turns on and I just can't get it to stop.....

There has been so much on my mind work right now is crazy.
There are two major parts of my of course is my clients and the artistic side of my profession which I absolutely love. That is my passion I just love to make people feel good. The other side of my job is the challenge of running a business and managing people. As I have said before I do find this the hardest part of my career.
Now that my staff has grown to the point that it has, I am dealing with so many different things everyday. Now I realize that my "company" is so small in the grand scheme of goodness this must sound crazy to some of you. But the reality is I am a Hairstylist, that is what I am trained and love to do....I just happen to own a salon and with that comes all these other aspects of my job now. I do love the challenge...I was bored when I had a salon with only myself there. But I must say at this time I am having to really pray and ask for assistance for some of the decisions I have been asked to make.

I have also been thinking a lot lately about my extended family and the trials that we are going through as a family right now. My Grandmother passed away this spring and I do believe she was the glue that held our family together.....yes even when she was alive the glue lost it's tenacity at times but over time it always came back together.
I am afraid with her not around, we may not weather this storm. I know in every family there are issues that come up, but for some reason in my extended family they just never stop. I have been really thinking about this this week and wondering why is that? Is it that the foundation that my parent grew up in not as strong as it should have been, is it because one of there parents is very confrontational and that trait has been passed down to their offspring? It really makes me wonder and feel sad that flesh and blood can get this far apart....and hurt each other so deeply.
This particular situation that is happening thank goodness doesn't involve my immediate family directly...but it is amazing how easily we can all be drawn in. So tonight as I sit here at now 3am with this consuming my thoughts, how could I maybe make this better....I just don't know???

So it is now 8am, I did finally get back to sleep...I am now at work ready for a crazy Sat....the X-Mas parade is happening today so downtown will be a bustling place....oh boy bring on the Christmas Spirit people and bring me
Terry and I are really looking forward to a nice dinner out tonight to celebrate his birthday..something we didn't get done on the actual day....I can't wait...

Happy Sat Everyone

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