Monday, November 24, 2008


So when I started this blog, I truly felt that I needed a place where I could express my feelings and thoughts about what was going on in my life at this time. As in everyone's lives I have a ton going, extended family issues, adoption and I really needed a place where I could vent and express how I was feeling. As I have said before for some reason getting this stuff down on paper just didn't work for me, even buying fancy journals and beautiful pens and pencils to write with didn't entice me??!!! :)

Well today unfortunately my blog has hurt someone...this was truly not intentional. To be totally honest it never dawned on me that anyone other than the people that I had given this address to, would want to read about my daily ramblings. But that was not the case today.

Please understand if you are reading this blog and I am just going to assume you know me, because why would anyone that I don't know read this...but obviously that is okay or I would make this private(which initially I was going to do). What I want everyone to understand is....this blog is about me not anyone else. This is about my journey. I have a VERY sarcastic sense of humor so you may not find things funny that I do, or I might have things written that you interpret very differently than I have meant them to be! That is the thing about feelings they can mean different things to different people, but they are mine and this is where I write about them...

I can't apologize for what has been said on my blog, this is my space where I write what is happening inside of me. All I can hope for is the relationship I have with this particular person will become stronger and grow from this. I have said it before everything does happen for a reason.

So now I am sitting here wondering how many people are reading this blog. Who is reading, that I don't know about??? hmmmm speak up people...give me some comments, as far as I can see my Mom reads this everyday always leaving me the best you mom... and I think maybe my husband has read it once??? lol I guess I might never know...all I can say is ENJOY....



Anonymous said...

As you know Michelle I love reading your blog...because it gives me insight to what is really on your heart each day that our daily telephone conversations don't always allow or have time for. I hope that because now you know that their is a much larger audience you will still feel you can be as open and honest...if not maybe you will have to go to an on-line journal and e-mail your entries to whom you want to share.
Love, Mom.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle: Just wanted you to know that I read your blog everyday at work too! But you know how I am at typing but just wanted to know how much I like being part of your life this way. Love Dad.

jd said...

I love your blog too Michelle. Its great for the days when our facebook messages are cut short, or we are both too busy to catch up!

Your like a big sister to me so its nice to be able to see what your up to everyday!

Love ya!