Saturday, November 15, 2008

pad thai and a snow storm...

ahhhh winter is here...Terry and I just had a crazy drive from Exciter....why was Terry in Exeter you ask.......well he needed a trim and I decided long ago that my scissors would NOT leave the yep I make my husband drive to Exciter for his haircuts!! :) I can't believe how crazy the weather was tonight...a car in the ditch outside of Lucan...hydroplaning and thunder and lightning we saw it all.... I'm so glad we are both home, safe and sound!!! Now I just have to think about my drive to Toronto in the morning......eeeeekkk gotta love living in Ontario!! :)

Terry and I made Pad Thai tonight.........yummmm so is so fun to be able to cook together...I'm so glad that Terry introduced me to the kitchen. I really didn't enjoy cooking until I meet him....actually when we first met I felt sort of inadequate compared to him in the kitchen. Sooooo I started watching the Food Network on T.V. and started getting way more comfortable in the kitchen and then somewhere along the line I started to really loving creating different dishes. I think this is now one of my favorite things to do....make great dishes in the kitchen...and it is even better when we can do it together!

What better night than a bottle of gewurtztraminer, some spicy pad thai and your husband... this is a great night. Especially after a crazy Sat. at work....

Well I am off to bed soon...big day tomorrow, the girls and I are off to do a hair show in T.O.!!!!
have a great weekend

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