Wednesday, November 19, 2008


hmmm this seems like a pretty "big"subject for me to get into here doesn't it!! Well I have been thinking about it a lot..... obviously who hasn't!!! It is the first thing I hear about in the morning and often it is the last thing I read about at night!

So, I was on my way to work this morning and this whole economy thing came to my mind. I wondered to myself, how this was going to change things. If the US government doesn't bail the auto companies out what is really going to happen in this world???? Kind of a scary thought isn't it???

Then I started to think...maybe it is time.......we are all so generation has never seen tough times. We really don't know what it is like to work really, really hard and your pay back is.....well that's simple, you are just happy to be able to pay your bills. You're not even interested in anything more than keeping your family warm and had no idea what it is like to buy whatever you want.
I thought it was very interesting that the US Congress asked the CEO's that where there, (asking for 25 billion dollars) if they had flown coach that day.....nope not one of them....they all had flown in on there private jets....
Now don't get me wrong... I know that these men have gone to school for years and they work very, very hard.....but COME ON....thousands of people are losing their jobs and you are asking for an obscene amount of money, and you are still flying in your private jets?????????????

So this really got me thinking...I think that this time in our lives will bring tons of changes...for the better I think..I hope that life will get back to the way it was when I was a little girl....there will be fewer divorces, why do I think that...well quite honestly I don't think people will be happier...couples will still have huge challenges but they just won't be able to afford a divorce.......I don't think we will be able to just buy whatever we want whenever we want...the budget will be a household word(YUCK):).....we will not travel as much...we will start doing potlucks again...when everyone brings a casserole to share and a mickey of vodka... oh and my all time favorite that I learned from my Grandma Moore saving tin-foil......okay hopefully I'm getting a little carried away here!!!!:)

I do think though.....this is going to be tough, but in many ways I think it will get everyone back on the right track in life...every one's life had gotten to be a bit much a bit too materialistic, don't you think? We or at least I think we all need to start remembering what is truly important in, friends...the people not all the stuff we can have!

happy wed

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