Thursday, November 20, 2008

the beginning of my RANT!!

So I am just going to warn you all that this time of year I start to get a bit cranky about the weather!
I just had my 3rd SHITTY drive of the season...and I'm not sure if you all are aware but it is only NOV 20th.....yep that's right...this is going to be a fun season..

Now I just had a friend email saying oh isn't this great snow days are a coming.....yes it would be just fantastic if I didn't own my own business and it actually makes a big difference to my bank account if I am at work or not....ahhhhh

For some reason there is this thought process that has been inbred in me that if the roads aren't closed you can get there...(thanks Dad)....I actually feel like I have really accomplished something when I drive through a snowstorm to get to work. I don't know, it is like bragging rights or something...well this has got to stop! It is a crazy way to think....lives are lost on our roads every winter season..and I don't want to be one of them.

I passed 3 cars in the ditch this morning.....for half of my time on the road which by the way was 50 mins.....I couldn't see a foot ahead of me....and then I arrive at my destination and voila SUN is shining you would think it was the middle of summer....come on????

This is the time of year that I start blaming my husband for things that really have nothing to do with him...all of a sudden it is his fault that I live in London, it is his fault that I have to drive in snowstorms at poor Terry, I take it all out on him.

Before the snow started to fall this winter I thought to myself, what is the fuss about, winter is only a couple months long...why do we all get soooo wound up about it ......well now I remember this damn stuff takes years off my life every time.


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Anonymous said...

Michelle...hope your drive tonight is better...but I hear more snow is coming. We sure picked the week to be away but I don't like the thoughts of you on the road either. Be careful and stay in Exeter if it is bad. Love, Mom.