Monday, November 10, 2008

monday ramblings....

So it is the last day of my mini-break....hmm what to do!! lol There doesn't ever seem to be a lack of things to do does there?

I have had a fairly relaxing Monday, as I said yesterday I have had a bit of drama at work so I have been dealing with that since we have returned. It just never fails...whenever I go away something big happens. I could stay at work for 2 years straight and nothing would happen but as soon as I leave........bam we have something to worry about??? Why is's crazy! I guess you chalk it up to the joys of being a business owner, which I wouldn't trade for the world!

I am so excited, a friend of mine contacted me last night and she is in town so we are going to do dinner tonight. Great way to end my little vacation...dinner with a great friend at Milestone's..

Well that is about it for me....back to the grind tomorrow...
happy monday

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