Monday, November 24, 2008


So yesterday Terry and I went out for breakfast with his parents, We went to Cora's, a client of mine told me about it and it was really great. Breaky isn't my first choice of meals to eat out...greasy spoon does nothing for me...but this was great. Great healthy choices!!!

After that we decided to go and visit Terry's grandma in Parkwood. She is just recovering from a fall she had a few months ago. Now this "fall" started with a broken hip and broken knee and then turned out to be 2 massive heart attacks in the hospital!!! This women is AMAZING!!! Talk about the will to live....she isn't going anywhere for a long time if I had to guess!!!

Kay is truly the funniest lady I have ever met. Although she and her husband can be super embarrassing(like yesterday I happened to say I needed to us the washroom but would wait until we went down to the mainfloor, nope she would have none of that, she just rings the nurse and tells them to take me to a washroom on this floor...oh my Kay this isn't a hotel you are in it is a hospital) even though things like that happen a lot...I really do enjoy talking to her, especially the more I get to know her.

Let me just paint the picture here for you.....this women has jewels like you wouldn't believe the goddier the better...she has a real fur coat that is a mosaic of bright colors no kidding people, we are talking fuchsia, purple, blue, and orange, all 2x2 squares of different colors.... a full length fur?????? Come on...she is eccentric to say the least!!

Now if anyone knows my Grandma's you can understand my shock when I first met this women...she swears, she drinks, she still try's to wear high-heels!!! :)

Yesterday Kay was reminiscing with me about the war days...she was telling me that she was in a group that would sing for the soldiers...she had this twinkle in her eyes when she was talking about it...I knew there was going to be a story here...she leaned over and said "I got a lot of attention back then you know...the other girls were jealous of me they would say Kay those men don't like you for your singing they like you for you LEGS....:)
You should have seen the smile and giggle that she let out after that, too funny....boy would I have loved to see that women in action!!!!

The last thing that Kay said to us yesterday was....any news on a baby??? We of course replied no nothing yet.....she leaned in and said "well look at me...I made it and everyone was pretty sure that I wouldn't so there will be a baby....soon...lets just think positive"!!! Well Kay having you on my side I think it just might...if there is anyone that can make things happen it is you!!!

happy monday everyone!
just a note for my little bro...thanks for listening....I am sure you weren't expecting that when you called...:)

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