Monday, November 17, 2008

Fashion Focus 2008

So the girls and I went to a Hair Gala today in T.O. It was tons of fun, and as always after a show I have so much inspiration. We saw some great new techniques and great new looks for the holiday season.
One of the greatest things about today was seeing Rita back in her element. Rita has always loved the hype and drama of the "show" life. She really is in her element there! It was fun to see her so excited again. It felt like old times, like 16 years ago when we would go to the shows together!!
When we were leaving the show today, in the parking garage we came upon a man with an obvious disability trying to get his wheelchair into his car. So we asked him if he needed some help, which he did want and appreciated so much. After we got his chair into his vehicle he leaned against his car and started to chat with us. He introduced himself and asked about us....asked what we did..where we worked etc. Rita then asked the same of him.......well you won't believe it but there we were talking to the president of Salon Magazine...ahhhhh oh my just never know where you are going to meet people. So he sat and talked to us for a little bit asking for our opinions about a new website the magazine is going to launch. He also told us about a competition that is going to happen on the new website and asked us to compete in it. The prizes sound SO awesome.....trip to New York City with fun. The best part of competing though is the recognition the salon would get on the website!!! Very Cool.....It was a great finale to a pretty fun day....
Well I think I am off to bed....busy day......M


Anonymous said...

Wow...imagine meeting the president of Salon Magazine! A day all of you will never forget I am sure. Love, Mom and Dad.

michelle said...

yep it was very cool!!