Monday, November 17, 2008

enjoying the dentist????

So my whole entire life I have been petrified of the not just a bit scared, shaking in my boats, palms sweating petrified to ever go into that office.... scared!!!

I will just set the scene a bit for you so you can get where I am coming from......the dentist that I have gone to my whole life in Exciter was located in an old house just off Main Street. So you open the door and this awful medicinal dentisty smell smacks you in the face...ackkkk it is so gross...I can't believe they can't do something about it because for me in minute one of my visit my stomach is already turning!
Then you walk up to the desk and of course in small town fashion all the 3 receptionist say oh Michelle you are here....hahaha we never know if you are going to show up or are just like your Aunt Carol you both hate coming will be okay we will be easy on you today heheheh!!!! ahhhh drives me crazy like do they really need to remind me that I am feeling nausea's right now, hey ladies guess what I am well aware of the fact that I am scared and yes believe me I almost didn't show but how could I forget when you call to remind me of my appt 3 times this week!!!! lol very efficient receptionists they have!!
So then you get to wait in the waiting room for no less than 30 mins....and that is on a good day. Then off to get the whole thing that time I just close my eyes and try to escape to a better place until the whole damn thing is over....unfortunately I have bad teeth or is it that I eat too much rubber candy....:)So I usually have cavities...yep you guessed it I get to come back 3 weeks later and do the whole thing again!!! hmmppp

So about 6 months ago I decided that I was going to change dentists...I would start going to Terry's dentist who he seemed to just love. I never hear Terry moaning and groaning about going, and he isn't traumatized for days after his appt...this could be a turning point in my life I thought!!
So I made my appt and took the plunge....well let me tell you this has been an awesome, who knew going to the dentist could be an almost pleasurable experience. First off I am greeted with a nice clean smell with a hint of vanilla when I walk in the door...ahhh we are off to good start here...and the wonderful lady Terri at the front desk, although she does do a big speech about how she has known the Pfile's forever blah blah blah it was short and sweet and we got down to business. I filled out my paperwork and was whisked away with the this is amazing I have only been in the office for 5 mins...
I get my cleaning, the dentist comes in, looks at the pics...say's oh, you have beautiful teeth...WHAT I thought I had terrible teeth they have never said anything like that before...and then I just couldn't believe my ears....she said well Michelle because this is your first visit with us, we would like to either give you a complimentary electric toothbrush or a free whitening service........WHAT???? you guys actually give stuff away???? This is too I was taken away to get some impressions done and will get my stuff for my beautiful sparkling white teeth at the end of the week........WOW

So after 34 years of going to the dentist I am officially over my fear.....these ladies are great. Terri said to me, now would you like to book for your next check-up?? Are you kidding me, sure I will come next week if you want me too!! lol

ahhh...this is what going to the dentist is supposed to feel like!
happy monday everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Do you think they would accept Terri's in-laws as client's too! Michelle you are too humerous. I think that in a year you will be able to see your blog as your first edition of "The Life of Michelle!" Have a good day. Talk to you later... Love, Mom.