Monday, November 10, 2008

old friends are the best friends....

Do you ever sit and wonder where some of your "best" friends from elementary or high school are? What they are up too and how did it happen that you lost contact.
Remember when you were in high school and you had this great group of friends that you shared everything with, at that moment you could never imagine not seeing or at the very least talking to them everyday. Then life happens, you go to different schools, choose different paths in life. Before you know it 10,11,12 years have gone by and you haven't talked.

Well thanks to good old facebook I have come into contact with so many of those "old" of them being one of my closest friends. Robin and I have had so many moments together, from kindergarten on we were inseparable....all through public school and then high school....and then life happened. We talked fairly regularly through our college/university years and then it got less frequent after that....

We have seen each other on and off since then.....very randomly.............but what always remains the same is, when we see each other it feels like it was just yesterday that we talked. It is the best part of our friendship....the comfort level you have with old friends! They understand you, all my quirky sarcastic remarks don't have to be explained she just knows that's the way I am....she knows when I'm feeling uneasy about a situation that we are talking about and always says the right thing to make me feel better. I sure hope I do the same for her.

I feel so blessed to have some of the greatest friends....that I know no matter how often we talk or see each other I can always count on them!!
Thanks Robin your the best!!!


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