Thursday, November 13, 2008

today was a MUCH better day!

So today even though I had some landlord issues to take care of, I was feeling much better. Thanks to of course a much needed pep talk from my Mom....this blogging thing is great. It is forcing me to get my feelings down somewhere which normally is not something I would EVER do. I can have lots of shit going on in my life before anyone and I mean anyone would ever know about it. Just to give you a little example...I went about a year living in a terrible marriage, and NO one knew...when I called people to tell them we had separated everyone was shocked???? So I am pretty good at keeping things to myself!

So my Mom was very supportive as always about how I was feeling...Thanks MOM, you always know the right things to say! I also got a really nice note from a friend that has been through the exact same situation as we are going through, Sarah really made me feel better about how I was feeling....feeling about the Christmas Season and just the whole waiting period in general. It is really great to have people in your life that can support you...

The rest of my day was eventful as always........there really is never a dull moment. Work is good, great clients and it seems ever since Rita has started at the shop everyone is closer? They say that you will be closer to your coworkers than anyone because you are with them so many hours of the day...I think that is defiantly happening at our work. Which is great!

The absolute best part of this day was that Terry finally and I mean finally ordered a piece of art that he has been admiring for a really long time! I am soooooooo excited for him. We first saw this piece in Collingwood in the summer...he loved it but didn't buy it....Now I have to tell you that Terry has been searching for a piece of art for our family room for about 8 years now???? What the heck I would have just grabbed something at Homesense with a bit of red in it and been done with it???? Nope not Terry.........he has more patience than I have ever seen??? Thanks goodness he married me he will be able to use his patience alot!!!!!! hehe
So anyways he mentioned the print many times since then but didn't do anything about it, then we saw it again in Vegas.......well I think when they told us there were only a few left in existence, that sealed the deal he was soooo excited. As soon as we got home he emailed a few places for the best price and finally ordered it this afternoon!! We can't wait to get it?? Our Christmas shopping is done now for a few years I think! :)

hope everyone is having a great night!

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